4 Most Popular Tablet Accessories

Provide your tablet with some accessories is a great option that makes it simpler to use whenever you are, to keep your tablet in good condition, the tablet accessories it’s to help your tablet waterproof to the environment, transfer the data freely or just prevent the bump and scratches.


As you may often use your tablet on its own, you may probably need a few of tablet accessories to carry out in bag, take it from work or school, the following list are include the important tablet accessories to consider.

Silicone case

A case is protective from being tearing and wearing, most importantly, keeps your tablet not easily slipping out of your hands to prevent the breakage. This silicone case is useful protect the tablet from the basic scratches when handled, while different cases material can be effective protect your tablet, the silicone also features the good feel of handling and offer you a bit of grip. Some folding tablet cases can also be your option that designed as a stand for screen while you are watching movies.

LCD screen protector

The screen protector often range from different size for options, plus, it is an effectively shields your tablet screen from the smudged fingerprints or any scratches and dusts. This LCD screen can also solve the dim problem that comfortable to your eyes to read.

USB connector cable

You will likely need a connector cable to transfer the data in or from it to your tablet, such as the video, music and audio. The USB cable is comes with tiny body also easy to take from place to place, the cable is great that allow you storage the many documents.

Portable charger

The common charger with your tablets often offer you via a USB cable, but it’s some kind of troublesome and not always a ideal option, some charger is much easier let you charge nearly anywhere, for instance, the car charger, it’s simple to charge your tablet’s battery in a car includes to your outlet types of charger.

Whether you use your tablet around the house or use at home, or even take your tablet PC for travel, it would be wise to choose some tablet accessories to protect your tablet as well as your convenience, those are 4 most popular tablet accessories customized for you, consider these basic tablets accessories to add to your tablet PC.







Ways to Build a Customized Tablet PC

When you selecting the tablet for you, a customized tablet may appeal for you with the needs and specifications, plus, a customized tablet benefits us a lot that you can get all you want and provide you a more friendly-user experience.

In fact, there are still many ways in helpful for a customized tablet, the following are easy to follow and also served as the important components for your tablet.

Operating system

Usually, the tablets keep the different version of operating system for us; you can choose the Windows Home or Windows Professional for your options, which comes in a 32GB or 64GB.


Without the deny that the higher the GHz means the better processor, the processor is greatly depends on the graphic card run on your tablet, for instance, if you want a tablet for the entertainment purpose like video, games, movies, you will probably need the a fast speed processor.

System memory

The system memory is directly determine how fast the programs or multi windows they can run or run at the same time, If you have the problem caused a slow computer, the system is helpful a lot on this task.

Battery life

You can choose to upgrade your battery to a larger one or purchase a spare battery, of course, the upgrade of the battery will have a longer battery life of using me and it also more lighter compare to a spare battery. Now, many vendors will off a discount to customers when they buy the tablet pc together.

Fingerprint reader

The fingerprint is a perfect device that assures the security of your tablet, if you lock your tablet through the fingerprint, it means your tablet has been personalized for you. And you can easily unlock the tablet using a password or names.


It is recommended that choose the right network for your personal  tablet, this is including the wireless cards, Wifi connectivity, Bluetooth. The new technology should be included which let the tablet customized for you.

Available accessories

The accessories added to your tablets can be range from the case, the stylus pen, a digital mouse, ear buds or even the docking stations. They are also necessary to your tablet; many retailers will also offer a discount on these gadgets for your order of the accessories added to your tablet.

Start by take the instructions step by step, you will enjoy a lot as well as for your convenience.

Best Tablets for Students

Now, many students are like to invest their money in tablets, they like the tablets because of the friendly-user apps, design, portability and even the available accessories, when it’s time we have to back to school, most students will probably need a tablet to take in classroom.

There are a lot of reasons to consider a tablet worth buying for the customers, which benefits the students a lot with some particular excellent features, the following are the best overall tablets for students back to school 2013.

MD700 Android 4.1 3G phablet

MD700 phablet comes with a 7-inch that more lighter and easy to take in your bag, plus, the tablet stand out because of its sharp LCD capacitive touch screen with the fast dual core processor, it also support the 4GB ROM with the SD card extended, there’s also a front 3.0 mega-pixel camera on the front and a 2.0 mega-pixel camera on the back, the tablet is suitable for students whether for learning tool or entertainment.

XGA All Winner A20 Android 4.2 tablet

If you are looking for the tablet of typing on a touchscreen, the tablet is an ideal one for you comes with a TFT LCD touchscreen with the 10-point touch panel, it also has the sharp 1024*768 resolution that comfortable to your eyes, the storage of the tablet is support the 16GB ROM which let you store many textbook documents that transfer the work easily between the devicesIt also has the dual camera and the WiFi connectivity is also support.

WVGA MT6515 P1000 Android 4.1 phone tablet

7-inch of the body is letting you easily carry around in a bag; it’s great for reading textbooks, magazines, and web pages. This tablet is also support the video calls online that you can easily share work with your parents. When it comes to the hardware of the tablet, the phone tablet is also offer a student-friendly features with the long battery life support the 3000mAh, it’s just powerful enough to go beyond the basic tasks including take notes in class or searching on the web.

As students may probably need a tablet instead of a laptop, these tablets are great devices for them with the facts they are helpful for reading in classroom, taking notes assignments, experience on videos, games and music, most importantly, easy to carrying it from class to class that appeal for students.


Galaxy Tab 3 for Kids Learn and Fun

The Galaxy Tab 3 kid is built for kids Samsung announces, the company is adding the colored version for the toddlers with the preloaded apps and rich content fun for kids to play and learn. Kids will love it for it is a real device own by them.

The version of the Galaxy Tab 3 kids is Samsung target for kids with the new kid’s tablet, and there are still many fine features of the tablet, the following are the specification and all details of the tablet you should know.

The perfect size

Galaxy Tab comes with the 7-inch that keeping the tablet handy for kids, which make it easier for kids for kids hands to hold, Samsung is manage to provide a available options for kids such as the grip and kickstand combo, it is great that the tablet will also include the C Pen, it enable the kids draw on the screen to develop their imagination.


The Tab 3 is designed look like a body of phone for kids; the added l of bright color is also fits them well for its youngest users.

Other specs

The Tab 3 is also featuring the 1.2GHz dual core processor; it provides kids with a friendly user-experience in games, video, e-books and playing the various apps. There is a front and back rear facing camera respectively, it also support 1 GB of RAM with the 8GB of internal storage and micro SD card slot which can be expanded.

Preloaded apps

The preloaded apps are customized for kids that they can play many educational games, e-book reading and other entertainment without download apps for Google Store Play, of course the preloading apps and content is more child-friendly to use and play.

Parent control

Not only the Galaxy 3 is loaded with the apps and content, the parental control is also included on this tablet. The parental control is let the parent set the period limit time, parent will unlock the screen with a password- protected when the time runs out.

If you don’t want your children hogging out iPad or Nexus 7, the Galaxy Tab 3 is an ideal kids tablet for your babies, with the kids-friendly features of the easy take size, the excellent processor, the preloaded apps for entertainment and learning and also the parent control which the tablet can be used.




Best Buying Advices Choosing a Tablet for Your Children

When choosing a tablet for your children, we also need to consider the many aspects of tablet’s entertainment, learning and also the hardware; now, some tablets have been specially identified for the kids with the need features. These tablets can be educational and also keep them entertained. In order to buy an ideal tablet for your children, the following are some buying tips before you buy the one for them.

Kids love the play apps

These apps including the games, e-books for educational reading, music, online video and other various entertainment apps to your child, it is not doubt that you can freely download a large range of e-books, games and video and the apps on the tablet, but if you have a appropriate apps preloaded can enable them enjoy the customizing tablet with tons of fun.


When consider the tablet whether suitable for children to play, the processor can be one of the important factors for a kid tablet, some touch screen tablets like ipad and LeapPad 2 is responsive with a tap and they have been tested had the fast processors while other tablet may lacking. Other spec like display, performance, camera, battery life and memory are also the important components of a tablet for kids to use.

Android tablet

The Android OS doesn’t have the parent control of the separate mode between the adult and children, but the Google Play Store can let us make some settings, the content filtering is allow the apps rate automated low or high maturity for children to play. The content filtering is great that keeps children from danger and also offers some age appropriate apps for kids to play.

Right for your children’s need

When purchasing the tablet for your child, what you want the tablet to use is also important for you to consider, whether you want the tablet have some restrictions on apps to use, you can buy a tablet that the kids can have their own devices, or the whole family can share.

The sturdiness

In cases of any drops and bumps, the sturdiness of the tablet is also important, some tablet are strong when it comes to the breakage like some kid tablets comes with rubber bumpers.

As a kid will need a tablet for learn and entertain, these tips may helpful in finding the best tablet for your young boys and girls.



How to Sync Your Android Tablet with a Computer

You may probably have the usual problem searching the way for sync your android tablet with your computer along with your favorite music, videos and photos. Different from the iPad, android tablet has no an automated system that you can sync with the specialize software like the iTunes.

Without any doubt, you can download movies, music, documents from the Google Play, but what about the home movies and family photos, the handy tablet comes with software that you can sync your media, the following ways of is supposed to be most efficient that may help for you.


Drop box is popular software that you can share all your folders between your computer and tablet, for instance, if you designate your electric document folder as a sync folder, that means the folder on your computer can be synced with your tablet, or, if you download music on your tablet, it will immediately copied to your computer. The drop box is a real sharing and assistant device for your must have.

Use iTune for Android

The app of Double Twist Player can be installed on your tablet, which lets your tablet sync with your computer via iTune, it is great that an Android tablet with an iOS device can be sync your music, photos and videos.

WiFi media sync

WiFi media sync is enable all your music, videos, music and all your document sync wireless between your computer and tablet, all you have to do is install the software of client software on your pc, and then choose the folder to sync, you will see all the folders you want to sync is access to the software interface. If you are use the wifi connectivity with your home network, make sure your router is configured with the WPA2 that customized for your tablet in case of having the risk of passer-by access to your tablet.

When you’re working on a collaborate project, you may need to share the document with your partners, the sync between the computer and tablet can let us share the photos music and files at any time, it is great for having fun that we can share the data so easily. With the right and useful software, it is facilitate that handle the device and the platform to steam all the data you choose to sync with your Android tablet.








Hot Trend: 3 Phone Tablets to Try

Nowadays phone tablets are the trends. While comparing tablet with phone tablets are more functional with the features. Phone tablets are featuring the tinny size, lightweight, exclusive design great experience and entertainment features that offer more chances for new tablet users.

If you are hesitate between the tablets or phone tablets should put the following at the top of your list, they are main functionality of tablets and also a lot of fun to use, the 3 phone tablets are latest trends that gives for you with the needed features.

C7F 4.0 android tablet

Like most other various 7-inch tablet, the C7F is designed to held in portable handy with 7-inch. Built in MTK6516 Cortex A9 of 1GHz CPU, this tablet is combines the portability and the immerse experience that offer a faster speed for books, games, movies and music. It is also support the 32 GB of external storage that the large capacity can allow you download many apps and documents. Typically, this tablet can make you use like the smart phone that you can make a call.

GPAD F16 4.1 android tablet

GPAD F16 is the phone tablet run Android 4.1, the advanced version of Android’s tablet; it is also support the 3G that you can connect to wireless net, the dual camera is also built in that the GPAD F16 has a real 3-MP shooter to take pictures with G- sensor. The 3000 mAh is the GPAD F16 is lasted 5 hours along with the video playing time, this is even longer time than the average of battery life. The 7 inch of the size is just use like the phone you easy make a call in anywhere and anytime.

F816 Android 4.1 tablet

With a screen measuring 7 inches diagonally, the F816 Android tablet comes in a portable size and it can also make phone calls. The F816 includes many features; this is including the LCD capacitive multi window with the resolution of 800*480, GPS, Bluetooth, dual camera, G-sensor, 3D games, Wi-Fi and long battery life. This is the best phone tablet yet that carry a less weight for you.

It is apparent that phone tablets with easy mode is appropriate for all age group that easy to use one handed, these phone tablet are one also the 3 hottest type in this summer season that worth it to try.




3 Uses of a Tablet PC in the Classroom

Tablet without a keyboard is a new type of computer for users. Now, tablets are served ad a learning tool that encouraging be using in classroom. Some of the tablets are featuring a stylus for input, while others are simply used with fingers to manipulate.

Using tablets in the classroom may account for many reasons, for one reason, tablet is more lightweight and portable that taken from place to place, for another, tablet has add the ability for using like a textbook or drawing paper alternatives. There still other reasons may results from technology itself, people are more favor by them, which directly influential to them.

The following can best show you that how tablet in good learnig experience service for people.

Using a tablet for taking notes

Tablet wit storage is so functionally that you can back up to a disk for taking your notes. You won’t have to lug the notebooks around for different courses; your notes will be accessible anywhere only you have the access of internet.

Using tablet for reading books

The most beneficial of a tablet is allow us download the free book at anywhere and anytime, tablets with electronic versions of textbook is more convenient for students that they don’t have to carry so many books to class. This is especially true for those needs to read a lot of literature that pay you free to read the books.

Using tablet for drawing

Tablets are also featuring the virtual paper for drawing, tablets with a pen writing is specially good for drawing that you can quickly put together a drawing without switch the paint colors, and you can fix the mistakes quickly.

The advantage of technology has opened up the world of study in classroom; students can hold a tablet that gives the flexibility replacing the basic paper, students can even record a lecture on a tablet. The articles, videos and other material on tablet can be easily viewed by students; they can reinforce the taught material, this is especially do a lot of good for them that tablet make the things so easy.

When choosing the tablet for your learning tool, you should also keep in mind that not only how much enjoyable they do for you, what learning apps for you is also considered the important for your tablet. As tablet can so much for your learning, it is believe that tablets are the great helper in your classroom.




How to Select the Best Tablet for You

When it comes to buying the tablet, the first thing you need to consider is what you’re mainly using it for which it’s the first question you should really ask, while now the tablet are great different from each other, there are still many various spec, features you can take into consideration that may helpful in selecting the ideal one for you.

The screen size

Beside the hardware of the tablet, size is as important when choosing the tablet. Small size means easy to navigate to your fingers for both the child and adult. Those sizes from 7 inches to 9.7 inches are supposed to be more lightweight and portable for your option. Tablets comes in mini size enables you to take from place to place whether you’re using for school or business and even for home.

The apps

No matter the tablet is using for the entertainment or learning, the apps is an important concern when choosing your tablet, does it have the excellent apps you are looking for ? Listening music, watching movies or videos and playing games has never been easier, the numerous apps can almost do everything for you. Some tablet with a great of operating system are often built in the variety of apps, for instance, the Apple, it is featuring the continual lead in all the number of apps.

The resolution

Apart from the size of the tablet, the screen resolution is also the important factor you need to consider, the high resolution can provide you a powerful and colorful experience, such as the Retina display on the iPad, Android tablets like Samsung, Sony, Acer and Asus also have the high resolution on the full HD.

There are many important considerations when choosing the best tablets. Such as the weight, battery life, dual camera and the keyboard input. Price is also very important for your considerations, is there the right price for you?

The features of the tablet can various from each other, some of them are using for entertainment, some of them are using for business, while there are still other are using for learning that suitable for student, the important is that what you need the table do for you, as it is rather personal device. it is recommend that go to a store and try them out, you will find your best tablets though the specs and reviews.



What Can We Expect from the New iPad 5

Apple is going to launch the new gen of ipad in the later days; it is some kind of surprise that Apple release the new products speedily, at the same time, there still some specs we need to know about the new ipad 5.

Screen size

Screen size seems to be a caring topic among the people, it is a said that the ipad 5 will covering 9.7 inch of the screen display, what makes the new ipad different is that it will make a big improvement on the screen thickness and quality, noticeably, the technology of the GF2 touch screen will be used on the iPad 5, and the existing screen will be 20 percent thinner than the iPad Mini, as for the thickness, the new iPad 5 will thin as 7.2mm. It seems like that the iPad 5 is going to be slimmer than the iPad 4.

he camera

Every time the camera is definitely heated among people. In terms of the camera quality, the new iPad 5 appears to shows that it will look like the iPAd Mini that the 8 megapixel camera will be embedded in the iPad 5, we will also see an double front camera on the iPad that make the 3D Facetime become a reality and have the eye chasing function.

The storage

It seems like that the 128GB of storage on the iPad 5 is enable the users storage more files and applications, it is also available in 16GB, 32GB,64GB available for users, according to some survey,256GB of the storage may add the possibility on the iPad 5 that we can expect more from it.

The hardware

The new gen of iPad 5 will use the A7 quad core processor along with the new iOS equipment, if it becomes a reality; it means that the new iPhone and iPad will use the more advanced processor on the tablets.

After ipad 4 announced on the public, many people are considered that the ipad 4 it didn’t make any difference from former iPad Mini, it seems most probably that the new iPAd 5 will replace the IPad 4 owning to the lighter and thinner 9.7 inch design. With so many features about the iPad Mini, definitely Apple will be more and easier for the users, if you are crazy for apple, you mustn’t miss out the new iPad 5.